MA Statutes of Limitations for Injury, Negligence et al.

The Massachusetts statute of limitations personal injury is typically 3 years but can vary depending on the type of case and the circumstances. In most personal injury, causes of action such as truck accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle crash claims, the statute of limitations in Massachusetts is 3 years.  This SOL begins to run from […]

Water Park and Water Slide Accidents in Massachusetts

When the outdoor temperatures turn warm after the cold winter months, many of us spend leisurely days at water parks in an effort to beat the heat in a relaxing and fun-filled environment. Unfortunately, thousands of victims suffer serious injuries every year in water slide and water park accidents. In some cases, catastrophic accidents involve […]

Massachusetts Construction Accident Lawyer | Workers Comp.

More construction workers in MA are injured every day in work accidents than any other type of employment. Injured workers and their families  are confronted not only with a severe injury, but also with financial pressures and losses. Massachusetts Construction Accident Lawyer The general rule is that workers’ compensation is the sole and exclusive remedy […]

MA Amusement Park Accidents That Cause Serious Injuries & Death

While amusement parks and theme parks in Massachusetts are designed for enjoyable activity and fun, serious accidents can be catastrophic and all too often leave the victims seriously injured or dead. Thrill-seeking rise can easily cause severe internal organ damage, broken bones and heart attacks. Many unsuspecting park guests suffer minimal harm on rides that […]

Massachusetts Bus Accident Lawyer | Top Compensation

Commercial and municipal bus accidents in Massachusetts and Rhode Island cause serious injuries and fatalities to many passengers, pedestrians and other motorists each year. Bus line drivers and operators have a responsibility to provide hazard free, safe public transportation to every passenger and ensure they drive safely for other motorists and pedestrians sharing the road. […]

Massachusetts SSI & SSDI Lawyer I MA Social Security Disability

If you are a resident of Massachusetts and are disabled and unable to work, it is important that you seek legal advice from a social security disability attorney. Usually, Massachusetts lawyers who practice SSI also represent disabled clients in ssdi causes of action. Supplemental Security Income lawyer Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability […]

Massachusetts Mesothelioma Lawyer | MA asbestos Attorney

A diagnosis of mesothelioma is a grim diagnosis for the victim. Mesothelioma is an extremely rare form of cancer which is rarely diagnosed until it has reached its final stages, wherein it has already spread to other parts of the body, severely lowering the mortality and survival rate of the victim. As of now, treatment […]

Massachusetts Social Host Liability laws

In Massachusetts and other states, Social Host liability is a hot button issue that courts are attempting to resolve. Social host Liability includes not only liability for house parties, cookouts, family functions, employee holiday parties but includes Fraternity Parties, Keg Parties as well as liability for friends and / or boyfriends, girlfriends participating in friends […]

Making an Argument for General Damages

As a California personal injury attorney, I have used various techniques to try to persuade jurors to award a large amount of money for pain and suffering damages for my clients, but I think it all goes back to one fundamental concept as follows: We must teach the jurors how to follow the law. I do this […]

Do Governmental Immunity Caps in MA apply to Wrongful Death Cases?

Are MA Government entities immune from paying full damages when one of its employees is negligent causing a fatal Massachusetts accident? Are the caps in Liability applicable in the event that a government worker accidentally kills a civilian in accident in Mass.? The Liability caps do not apply in wrongful death lawsuits and fatal car […]

Boston Pedestrian Accident Lawyer | Massachusetts Attorney

Pedestrian accident statistics indicate that Boston is a safe city for pedestrian travel. However the Boston Globe reported on pedestrian accident and pedestrian death statistics by statin,g “the Boston Police Department has refused for years to report most crashes — pedestrians, bikes, cars, and everything else — to the Registry of Motor Vehicles” Source Massachusetts […]

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Massachusetts | Drugged Driving

Whenever a motorist in Massachusetts makes a choice to break the law by operating a motor vehicle while impaired on drugs or alcohol, the lives of innocent people are at stake. Drunk and drugged driving accidents in Mass. are a serious problem, which often produces catastrophic results were victims are often injured or killed by […]

Skiing accident Lawyer | Injured skiing in NH or MA?

Skiing and snowboarding have increased in popularity in recent years and unfortunately this leads to many more skiing accident claims. The increase in the number of skiers and snowboarders means that there are more people on the slopes going at greater speeds and trying to execute difficult moves. The result is that the number of […]

Teen Accident Lawyer in Mass. | Compensation For Teenager Accidents

To see a car full of teenagers is no rare occurrence, be it in movies or down your very own street. This new found freedom is a major step in a teen’s life as they head towards adulthood. Despite this being a rite of passage for these young drivers, there is a concern about the […]

Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer | Trucking crash statistics

A fully loaded tractor-trailer can be over 60 feet long and weigh 80,000 pounds. As per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they can take up to 40 percent longer to come to a complete stop than a passenger vehicle. Given their gigantic size, they’re considerably more difficult to maneuver than passenger vehicles. Massachusetts Truck Accident […]

Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawyer | MA Fatal Accident Attorney

A serious car accident that kills a loved one is devastating. In addition to the grieving process, the family will need to figure out a way to secure their financial future, especially if the funds provided by the loved one help support the household. Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawyer When a family member dies in a […]

Massachusetts Rear End Accident Lawyer | Lawyer Source 360

A rear end collision is one of the more common kinds of accidents involving more than one vehicle. A rear end accident is usually the result of one vehicle being hit from the rear by another vehicle following too close behind. Most of these motor vehicle accidents occur through driver distraction or inattentiveness. The numbers […]

How To Get The Most Money From Your Accident Case

The most important aspect of getting the highest settlement or verdict from car accident injuries is receiving prompt and thorough medical treatment.  Insurance companies love to argue that anyone who did not see a doctor right away could not have been seriously injured in the auto accident.  So it is imperative that you receive treatment […]

Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Lawyer | Lawyer Source 360

In today’s world of ever-advancing medical technology, the sad truth is that human error still plays a large part in the treatment patients receive. As a result, unnecessary injuries and deaths occur at a sometimes alarming rate. When this happens, patients or their families may seek compensation by filing a medical malpractice suit using a […]

Ethicon Physiomesh™ – Hernia Mesh lawyers fighting for Justice

If a defective hernia mesh caused you complications then contact a hernia mesh attorney. If detective hernia mesh caused the death of a spouse, child, family member or loved one then it is important to reach out to a top hernia mesh lawyer. High powered national litigation lawyers are reviewing potential cases of defective hernia […]