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MA Amusement Park Accidents That Cause Serious Injuries & Death

MA Amusement Park Injuries and FatalitiesWhile amusement parks and theme parks in Massachusetts are designed for enjoyable activity and fun, serious accidents can be catastrophic and all too often leave the victims seriously injured or dead. Thrill-seeking rise can easily cause severe internal organ damage, broken bones and heart attacks. Many unsuspecting Mass. park guests suffer minimal harm on rides that include whiplash or injury to the back and neck. When negligence is involved, amusement park visitors and employees suffering injury in an accident are often eligible to seek financial recovery from the business.

Even though the most common types of amusement park accidents in Massachusetts with serious injuries are caused by defective, unsafe rides, others happen by slipping or tripping while inside the park. Reports released by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) indicate that the majority of amusement park accidents with injuries are caused by various factors including:

• Mistakes made by operator behavior often due to a lack of training
• Inappropriate behavior including unbuckling the seat belt
• Amusement ride design defect
• Mechanical failure or malfunction
• Lack of routine safety checks and inspections

Common Serious Accidents in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Many of us visit amusement parks and theme parks for the excitement and thrills, and never give a second thought to safety. Traveling in a roller coaster at high speed can produce significant G-forces and provide an illusion of extreme danger. However, a single minor slip of machinery or operator error can make a day of fun turn into a tragic nightmare. Common serious accidents that happen at amusement parks include:

• Electrical Shock – Nearly every amusement ride is operated by using an enormous amount of electricity. If the ride is not properly grounded, riders and innocent bystanders can suffer electrocution when touching live wires or open circuits.

• Falls – Many riders have suffered serious life-threatening injuries or fallen to their death from high roller coasters and other amusement rides like Ferris wheels. These types of accidents are often the result of inappropriate rider behavior or by park workers declining or failing to check safety belts, harnesses and bars designed to hold the rider in place.

• Drowning – Many theme parks and amusement parks are built around and over large bodies of water, some with water slides. The management of many parks offer only minimal barriers to ensure visiting patrons remain safe around open water.

• Malfunctioning Roller Coaster Cars – Many of America’s amusement parks have been in existence for nearly 100 years and some of the roller coasters are nearly as old. Over the last century, numerous accidents have occurred by malfunctioning roller coaster cars that have broken free, traveled backwards or jumped the track injuring and killing many aboard the ride.

Amusement parks have a legal obligation to maintain a high standard of care to ensure everyone’s safety including visitors, riders and employees. Local and state regulations apply to permanent and temporary amusement parks, where any violation results in high fines. However, fines do not help those injured by neglect, carelessness or recklessness.

Fortunately, victims injured in an amusement park accident often have the legal right to file a claim or Massachusetts lawsuit for compensation against all parties responsible for their injuries. However, these types of cases are complex and proving fault can be challenging. Because of that, many victims hire reputable MA personal injury attorneys or a Boston MA amusement park accident attorney who specialize in these types of cases.

Gathering Evidence

Reporting the injury to the ride operator, management or amusement park is crucial to ensure that evidence is preserved. Victims with a serious injury should be treated at a local area hospital or emergency room. Often times, the victim is unaware of how serious the injuries are until days later, especially those suffering brain concussions, whiplash or broken bones. In the event of a fatal / deadly accident, the estate of the deceased needs to retain a top fatal accident amusement park wrongful death incident attorney.

It is crucial to gather eyewitness testimony and record the scene of the accident. A skilled MA wrongful death attorney will make sure to obtain all pertinent security video recordings of the accident, incident or area. The Massachusetts personal injury lawyer working on behalf of the victim will also evaluate medical charts, conduct depositions and seek to obtain financial recovery for all of medical procedures, hospitalization expenses, out-of-pocket costs and lost wages.

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