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Drug Liability Attorneys

Drug Liability Attorneys

Dangerous Prescription And Over The Counter Drug Recall Attorneys

Drug Recall Attorneys Fighting Alongside Victims And Their Families For Tougher Restrictions on Drug Manufactures:

It is estimated that roughly half of the U.S. citizens are currently taking at least one form of prescription medication or another. Between the years of 1990 and 2008, money spent on prescription medication rose from an estimated $40 billion dollars to a staggering amount at just under $235 billion dollars. That number has now grown considerably as more and more drug manufactures are rushing their newly created pharmaceutical drugs and devices onto the shelves of pharmacies and stores across the nation. Together these companies generate annual profits from sales estimated in the hundreds of billions in private insurance, Medicaid & Medicare and individual out of pocket costs for U.S. consumers.

Unfortunately, not all drugs and devices these companies manufacture have been considered safe for consumers and many have been responsible for complications, illnesses and harmful side effects, including even death for some victims. Yet it is not just the prescription pharmaceuticals to blame as there have been several OTC (Over the Counter) medications that have also led to multiple cases of sickness, injury and death for those who took them in the belief that they were safe.

In 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) instituted the recall of roughly 430 dangerous over the counter and prescription drugs. Within a mere 12 months, that number grew to over 1,700, with a majority of those being from one pharmaceutical packaging company, called Advantage Dose, which was forced to close down due to the multitude of errors resulting in claims against the company.

Attorneys Are Working With Victims to Ensure Stricter Laws and Regulations Regarding Dangerous Drugs:

Victims and their families who have suffered injury and even the deaths of their loved ones as a result of these dangerous drugs have begun fighting back with the only truly effective tactic that these billion dollar a year Fortune 500 companies respond to: Civil Litigation. Hiring attorneys, who specialize primarily in the filing, handling and advocating of these cases before the courts, has proven time and time again effective in the demonstration to the careless drug manufactures, that U.S. citizens will no longer continue to be used as their cash cows and allow them to view consumers and their loved ones as expendable test subjects.

Simply due to the drugs being on the market, and having approval from the FDA by no means mean they are safe. Many often believe due to having FDA approval that the drugs sold over the counter, or have been prescribed to them, are safe and that simply is not the case. The approvals stem from the tests results passed on to the FDA from animal and human tests conducted by the drug makers themselves. Quite often these results come from inadequate testing procedures and/or prior to the materials used in the drug’s manufacturing process becoming tainted, outdated or being compromised by other untested foreign raw material that has found its way into the manufacturing process.

This does not have to continue happening, and the makers of drugs being sold to consumers as safe should be held liable for their negligence. Even drugs that are, in fact, relatively safe have been found to have either inadequate labeling, instructions for use or serious side effect warnings omitted from consumer knowledge. It is a growing issue with sometimes serious and even deadly consequences for innocent victims and/or their families.

Make the Drug Companies Know This Will No Longer Be Tolerated!

If you, or someone you love, has taken any dangerous and/or recalled drug, or have experienced injuries as the result of their taking over the counter medications or prescription medications; you may, in fact, have a legitimate claim for compensation. Contact an experienced attorney that can evaluate your case and take the necessary steps to ensure that you receive any money owed to you, and ensure that this does not happen again in the future. By working with drug recall attorneys, or product liability lawyers, victims and their families can make it clear to the drug companies that the U.S. citizens they are medicating expect and demand more responsibility and accountability from them. You have a right to be compensated and an obligation to help prevent future tragedies from dangerous drugs.

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