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Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer | MA Injury Attorney

  There are many types of accidents that can cause personal injury to a person. Many may ultimately result in legal action being taken by one or more of the parties involved. On occasion the accident victim(s) may not be fully aware that the accident was the result of a nasty word that a personal […]

Ethicon Physiomesh™ – Hernia Mesh lawyers fighting for Justice

Hernia mesh lawyers

If a defective hernia mesh has caused you complications, injury and or pain and suffering then contact a surgical mesh class action attorney. If detective hernia mesh caused the death of a spouse, child, family member or loved one then it is important to reach out to a top hernia mesh lawyer. High powered national […]

Boston Duck Boat Injury Lawyer

Duck boats on city streets  in Boston MA and across the United States pose unique dangers to pedestrians, cyclists, scooter operators and motorcyclists. Duck boats were not designed to carefully and effectively navigate city streets. Duck boats were designed by the military to invade enemy territory from the ocean. Using these military style boats on […]

Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer | Trucking crash statistics

A fully loaded tractor-trailer can be over 60 feet long and weigh 80,000 pounds. As per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they can take up to 40 percent longer to come to a complete stop than a passenger vehicle. Given their gigantic size, they’re considerably more difficult to maneuver than passenger vehicles. Massachusetts Truck Accident […]

Massachusetts Skiing accident Lawyer | Injured skiing in NH or MA?

Skiing and snowboarding have increased in popularity in recent years and unfortunately this leads to many more skiing accident claims. The increase in the number of skiers and snowboarders means that there are more people on the slopes going at greater speeds and trying to execute difficult moves. The result is that the number of […]

Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Lawyer | Lawyer Source 360

In today’s world of ever-advancing medical technology, the sad truth is that human error still plays a large part in the treatment patients receive. As a result, unnecessary injuries and deaths occur at a sometimes alarming rate. When this happens, patients or their families may seek compensation by filing a medical malpractice suit using a […]

Massachusetts Drowsy Driving Accident Lawyer | MA Sleepy Driving

Everyone should be aware of the dangers of driving while impaired by alcohol in Massachusetts (MA). However, many people do not realize the similarly dangerous risks of driving while impaired by fatigue. Like drunk drivers, so-called “drowsy drivers” can have significantly slowed reaction time, impaired instinct and judgment, confusion and disorientation, and a lack of […]

Massachusetts Construction Accident Lawyer | Workers Comp.

More construction workers in MA are injured every day in work accidents than any other type of employment. Injured workers and their families in Massachusetts are confronted not only with a severe injury, but also with financial pressures and losses. Massachusetts Construction Accident Lawyer The general rule is that workers’ compensation is the sole and […]

Reasons to Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer

Many people assume that drafting a will is sufficient for estate planning purposes. While that may be true for those who have modest assets and don’t mind their estate being settled in public, it may still be worthwhile to consult with an estate planning attorney. This may be true even if an individual already has […]

Water Park and Water Slide Accidents in Massachusetts (MA)

Water Park and Water Slide Accidents

When the outdoor temperatures turn warm after the cold winter months, many of us spend leisurely days at water parks in an effort to beat the heat in a relaxing and fun-filled environment. Unfortunately, thousands of victims suffer serious injuries every year in water slide and water park accidents. In some cases, catastrophic accidents involve […]