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Previous accident nondisclosure in MA and Across the USA

previous-accident-nondisclosurePrevious accident nondisclosure is a common car dealer scam in Massachusetts (MA) and across the United States that involves failing to inform the potential car buyer about the previous accidents or damages the vehicle has suffered. Mass. Dealers who fail to provide the buyers with such information try to simply make money using the naivety of some of their customers.

Anyone who has had a car accident, knows what previous damage title is. The vehicle may have undergone either minor damage or severe damage that may make the insurance company title the vehicle as a total loss. If the vehicle has suffered a serious damage, it may lose 70% of its value. As for the vehicles that have been proclaimed as “salvage vehicles” they are irreparable and may not be worth driving.

The Massachusetts (MA) dealers, who practice previous accident nondisclosure fraud, get the damaged vehicles at extremely low prices and resell them as used vehicles on an “as is” basis. A vehicle sold without a warranty in Massachusetts, may pose serious problems for the buyer, especially if it turns out to have had several accidents.

Vehicles with previous accident histories may pose serious safety hazards. These vehicles may have:

  • Structural or frame damage
  • Electrical system problems
  • Airbag defects
  • Brake failure etc.

A previously damaged vehicle is more likely to undergo another crash or accident. Most common MA car crash injuries involve:

  • Broken bones
  • Brain injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Spine injuries
  • And even death

Considering the dangers of driving a previously damaged vehicle, it is obvious that no one will be eager to buy one. Thus, a dealer must properly disclose to the buyer:

  • How many accidents the vehicle has suffered
  • What kind of damage the vehicle has undergone
  • What defects, problems or breakdowns the vehicle has
  • Which of the car problems have been fixed after the accident and so on

Thus, previous accident nondisclosure is a serious crime. If you think you have been sold a previously damaged vehicle without proper disclosure, contact an auto dealer fraud lawyer immediately.

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