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Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Motorcycle Accidents and InjuriesRiding a motorcycle can be a fun and pleasant experience. However, riding a motorcycle is also dangerous. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, motorcycle deaths more than doubled between 1999 and 2008; over 34,000 riders were killed during this time period. The CDC also reports that over 1.2 million people were treated in emergency rooms because of injuries related to motorcycle accidents.

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents In Massachusetts and across the Country. In many cases, the driver of a car or truck simply does not see the motorcyclist before hitting him. A motorcycle rider is unprotected, and a collision with another vehicle usually results in serious injuries. Often these injuries are fatal. The CDC reports that 30 percent of non-fatal motorcycle accidents resulted injuries to the legs and feet, and 22 percent involved head and neck injuries.

An injured Bike rider incurs medical bills, pain and suffering and lost work as a result of the accident. They need professional help to recover damages from the driver of the vehicle responsible for their injuries. A personal injury lawyer is needed to get the just compensation for their losses. In case of a tragic death as a result of a fatal accident, a wrongful death attorney is needed.

Personal injury lawyers are legal specialists that are experts in negligence. Motorcycle accidents and other personal injury cases are based on a negligence theory in law. The lawyer must prove that the other party was at fault in order to recover money damages for their client. There are many kinds of personal injury lawyers in Mass. and in the United States. Some deal with medical malpractice, car accidents or slip-and fall accidents. Others specialize in a certain type of injury cases, such as, motorcycle accidents.

A person injured in a motorcycle accident should hire a personal injury attorney that focuses in Bike accidents. A motorcycle injury lawyer has experience dealing with the unique aspects of motorcycle related accidents and injuries. Personal injury litigation is complex and requires a lawyer who is knowledgeable about both the law and the medical profession. The lawyer must be able to prove the extent of the rider’s injuries in order to recover proper compensation. This often involves questioning doctors and presenting testimony of expert witnesses to prove his case. 

Insurance companies have lawyers that will try to deny fault and question the extent of the motorcyclist’s injuries.

A MA personal injury lawyer knows how to deal with their tricks. They will fight to make sure that their client receives the compensation that they are entitled to for medical bills, pain and suffering and lost income. 

In many cases, a person is in a terrible financial situation as a result of a motorcycle accident. The medical bills and other expenses may have drained their bank accounts. They should not hesitate to call a personal injury lawyer because of the expense. Personal injury lawyers generally work on a contingency fee basis. The attorney is paid a percentage of the money recovered for the plaintiff’s injuries and other damages. There is no legal fee if the lawyer doesn’t win or settle the case.

An injured motorcyclist should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible for a consultation.

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