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Cruise Ship Accident Attorney in MA

MA Cruise Ship Accident Attorney The cruise ship industry navigates millions of nautical miles every year while maintaining a remarkable safety record. However, things do go wrong on numerous cruise lines much too often. Many cruise ships face rogue waves, heavy storms, uncontrollable fires, collisions, disappearances and on board injuries.

With today’s innovative technology, many unexpected mishaps or unanticipated events have become a thing of the past. Preventative measures and highly effective detection equipment have eliminated cruise ships experiencing an unforeseen natural phenomenon or unexpected major storm.

Running aground and collisions with icebergs, coral reefs and rocks are almost nonexistent on cruise ships traveling the seven seas, intercoastal waterways, rivers and lakes. In the last two decades, only five ships have been lost at sea due to collisions with other vessels, piers and objects. This is because charting technology is more accurate than ever before, where ship officers can easily upload updated charts to be used to properly navigate the vessel into the safest waters.

Avoidable Onboard Accidents

The most common cruise ship accidents occur on board. Many of these incidences are completely preventable. Some of these include:

• Slip and fall incident
• Fires and explosions
• Being hit with a falling object
• Falling overboard
• Dock accident
• Water slide injury
• Swimming pool drowning
• Onshore excursion accident
• Medical malpractice
• Physical assault
• Sexual assault / negligent security

The most common types of accidents involve slips and falls where guest lose their footing on the gangway, in stairways, in their bathroom, near the pool, in dining areas and in the guest rooms. Other times, the guest becomes a victim of a pool accident because of poorly maintained equipment, broken tiles, faulty filtration systems and unclear marked pool depths.

Cruise ships naturally have an increased risk of drowning when guest fall overboard from slipping on wet areas or because of malfunctioning barriers. Other times, defective equipment causes significant hazards involving the ship itself, or from many of onboard amenities including the vessel’s climbing walls, bowling alleys and gym equipment.

Food Poisoning on a Cruise ship

Even the smallest cruise lines offer thousands of meals to passengers every day. Any unsanitary water or food can quickly cause a serious health hazard where onboard guests can become severely ill. Because of living in close proximity to other guests aboard the ship, viruses, bacteria exposure and food poisoning can spread much too quickly.

Determining Negligence

The cruise ship’s operators, officers and staff have the responsibility of providing a safe environment to every passenger, visitor, guest and employee on board. However, they are not strictly liable for injury suffered by others. The law states that the victim must prove the case through negligence or the act of willful intent as defined under maritime law. Because of that, victims of serious cruise ship accidents will hire MA personal injury attorneys who specialize in these types of cases.

A skilled Massachusetts Cruise accident lawyer will build the case for compensation built on negligent ship operation. Even though the operator might not have the capacity to predict earthquake-generated tsunamis to avoid a catastrophic problem at sea, the action taken by the crew when it occurs could be negligent. If the captain does not make necessary emergency maneuvers to minimize rough conditions, the cruise line could be held legally liable for any associated injuries or deaths.

An experienced and season Massachusetts law firm specializing in cruise ship accidents can build a solid case for compensation if passengers suffering injuries are caused by negligence or willful intent of a crew member. Even though the operators likely could not foresee the inappropriate actions of the employee, the cruise line can still be held liable.

In many cases, the injuries associated with the most common cruise ship accidents are severe. The lengthy recovery process to heal and the time lost from work can be expensive. Because of that, skilled Boston personal injury attorneys will file a claim on your behalf to obtain recompense for your medical expenses, lost earnings, damages, pain and suffering. Your MA cruise ship accident lawyer can hold all parties at fault for the accident financially accountable for their actions to ensure you receive adequate compensation.

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