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Drowsy Drivers Cause Injuries | MA Personal Injury lawyer

Everyone should be aware of the dangers of driving while impaired by alcohol in Massachusetts (MA). However, many people do not realize the similarly dangerous risks of driving while impaired by fatigue. Like drunk drivers, so-called “drowsy drivers” can have significantly slowed reaction time, impaired instinct and judgment, confusion and disorientation, and a lack of […]

Construction Accident Liability in Massachusetts

More construction workers in MA are injured every day in work accidents than any other type of employment. Injured workers and their families in Massachusetts are confronted not only with a severe injury, but also with financial pressures and losses. Workers’ compensation The general rule is that workers’ compensation is the sole and exclusive remedy […]

Legal Rights After A Traumatic Brain Injury in Massachusetts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over a million people in the United States suffer a traumatic brain injury each year. These brain injuries can result from a number of things including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, sporting activities and more. Should a person experience some type of traumatic brain […]

Reasons to Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer

Many people assume that drafting a will is sufficient for estate planning purposes. While that may be true for those who have modest assets and don’t mind their estate being settled in public, it may still be worthwhile to consult with an estate planning attorney. This may be true even if an individual already has […]

Water Park and Water Slide Accidents in Massachusetts (MA)

Water Park and Water Slide Accidents

When the outdoor temperatures turn warm after the cold winter months, many of us spend leisurely days at water parks in an effort to beat the heat in a relaxing and fun-filled environment. Unfortunately, thousands of victims suffer serious injuries every year in water slide and water park accidents. In some cases, catastrophic accidents involve […]

Delivery Driver Accident Liability Issues in Massachusetts

MA Delivery Driver Accident Liability

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts or Rhode Island caused by a driver delivering pizzas, flowers or packages, understanding your legal rights can offer you both peace of mind and financial relief. However, what happens if the driver was behind the wheel of their own vehicle that was not owned […]

MA Amusement Park Accidents That Cause Serious Injuries & Death

MA Amusement Park Injuries and Fatalities

While amusement parks and theme parks in Massachusetts are designed for enjoyable activity and fun, serious accidents can be catastrophic and all too often leave the victims seriously injured or dead. Thrill-seeking rise can easily cause severe internal organ damage, broken bones and heart attacks. Many unsuspecting Mass. park guests suffer minimal harm on rides […]

Emotional Issues after a Car Crash in Massachusetts

Emotional problems related to car accident

Car crashes in Massachusetts do not just cause serious physical injuries. Many vehicle accident victims can develop emotional issues that are not always as apparent as a broken arm or head trauma. Many emotional, mental and psychological injuries can hide just under the surface for weeks, months or years until the victim receives treatment. While […]

Business Liability for Accidents Caused by Negligent Employees

Business liability for accidents by careless employees

Businesses and corporations in Massachusetts can be exposed to liability for any accident caused by a negligent employee. Simply put, the employer can be held liable for nearly any action of their employee, especially when operating any vehicle while at work. The most common types of negligent accidents involve some type of distracted driving. Distracted […]

How To Get The Most Money From Your MA or RI Accident Case

Getting the most of your car accident case

The most important aspect of getting the highest settlement or verdict from car accident injuries is receiving prompt and thorough medical treatment.  Insurance companies love to argue that anyone who did not see a doctor right away could not have been seriously injured in the auto accident.  So it is imperative that you receive treatment […]