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MA Amusement Park Accidents That Cause Serious Injuries & Death

MA Amusement Park Injuries and Fatalities

While amusement parks and theme parks in Massachusetts are designed for enjoyable activity and fun, serious accidents can be catastrophic and all too often leave the victims seriously injured or dead. Thrill-seeking rise can easily cause severe internal organ damage, broken bones and heart attacks. Many unsuspecting Mass. park guests suffer minimal harm on rides […]

How To Get The Most Money From Your MA or RI Accident Case

Getting the most of your car accident case

The most important aspect of getting the highest settlement or verdict from car accident injuries is receiving prompt and thorough medical treatment.  Insurance companies love to argue that anyone who did not see a doctor right away could not have been seriously injured in the auto accident.  So it is imperative that you receive treatment […]

Massachusetts Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer | Underinsured Claims

Car accident with driver without insurance

You are driving along a Massachusetts roadway enjoying the scenery and a beautiful day, while your favorite music plays. The light ahead turns green as you approach the intersection, and WHAM! Your idyllic moment is gone for good when a van brakes too late and skids into the intersection and T-bones your car. At first, […]

Massachusetts Slip and Fall Lawyer | Property Owner Negligence

Slip and Fall Accident Premises Liability

Slip and fall incidents can be very serious mishaps that can cause  serious injurious that can really take a toll on someone’s life. Slip and fall accidents in Massachusetts are generally referred to as “premises liability” cases Massachusetts Slip and Fall Lawyer In the case of PAPADOPOULOS  vs. TARGET CORPORATION The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court […]

Massachusetts SSI & SSD Lawyer I MA Social Security Disability

Massachusetts SSI & SSDI Basics,

If you are a resident of Massachusetts and are disabled and unable to work, it is important that you seek legal advice from a Massachusetts Social Security disability attorney or a Mass. Social Security Insurance lawyer. Usually, Massachusetts attorneys and lawyers who practice SSI  also represent disabled clients in ssdi causes of action. Supplemental Security […]

Massachusetts Bus Accident Lawyer | Entitled to Compensation

Filing a MA bus accident claim

Commercial and municipal bus accidents in Massachusetts and Rhode Island cause serious injuries and fatalities to many passengers, pedestrians and other motorists each year. Bus line drivers and operators in Mass and RI have a responsibility to provide hazard free, safe public transportation to every passenger and ensure they drive safely for other motorists and […]

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Mass | Drugged Driving Accidents in MA

Drunk and Drugged Driving Accidents in MA

Whenever a motorist in Massachusetts makes a choice to break the law by operating a motor vehicle while impaired on drugs or alcohol, the lives of innocent people are at stake. Drunk and drugged driving accidents in Mass. are a serious problem, which often produces catastrophic results were victims are often injured or killed by […]

Massachusetts Rear End Accident Lawyer | Lawyer Source 360

Rear End Car Accident in Massachusetts

A rear end collision in Massachusetts is one of the more common kinds of accidents involving more than one vehicle. A rear end accident in Mass. is usually the result of one vehicle being hit from the rear by another vehicle following too close behind. Most of these  MA motor vehicle accidents occur through driver […]

Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Left Hand Turn Accidents

Left Hand Turn Motorcycle Collision

A majority of Massachusetts motorcycle injury personal injury lawsuits involve left hand turn accidents with serious injuries or fatalities. Often times, motorists in Mass. operating passenger vehicles and commercial trucks fail to yield the right-of-way, cutting off the motorcyclists approaching an intersection or traveling on an open stretch of road. MA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer A […]

Boston Pedestrian Accident Lawyer | Massachusetts Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Accident Injury Statistics

Pedestrian accident statistics in Boston, Mass. indicate that Boston is a safe city for pedestrian travel. However the Boston globe reported on pedestrian accident and pedestrian death statistics by stating “the Boston Police Department has refused for years to report most crashes — pedestrians, bikes, cars, and everything else — to the Registry of Motor […]