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Types of Personal Injuries

Massachusetts personal injury lawyer

There are many types of accidents that can cause personal injury to a person. Many may ultimately result in legal action being taken by one or more of the parties involved. On occasion the accident victim(s) may not be fully aware that the accident was the result of a nasty word that a personal injury attorney likes to hear: Negligence! Often the type of accident will determine whether a legal claim can be filed by an attorney seeking compensation for pain and suffering on behalf of their client. Sometimes the claim is frivolous and just an attempt to “game” the system. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can evaluate the claim as to its validity or not. Here are a few of the most common personal injuries that can and do occur more frequently than others;

Massachusetts personal injury lawyer

  1. Auto Accidents: Car accidents are the leading cause of unnecessary deaths in this country, and they comprise over 56 percent of all motor vehicle accidents each year. Speeding, DUI/DWI, and under the influence of drugs usually top the list of causes.
  2. Trucking and 18 Wheeler Accidents: More than 500,000 accidents occur each year in the United States. Driver fatigue, blind spots, and loading mishaps lead the parade.
  3. Slip and Fall Accidents: This type of personal injury doesn’t occur as frequently as it did prior to the yellow warning stanchion that is now placed at the entrance and throughout areas of retail stores like supermarkets. This may eliminate many of the personal injury lawsuits, but not all.
  4. Personal Injuries in the Workplace: All 50 states are required to provide workers compensation in case of accidents that happen while performing their daily tasks. It’s the law; but in some cases, it may not apply depending on the number of employees on the payroll.
  5. Medical Malpractice Injury: This doesn’t happen often but just the thought of a personal injury via medical malpractice is enough to keep the medical profession on their toes at all times. And if that nasty word negligence is tossed in the mix, it could cost the doctor his or her license; perhaps even jail time.

The above are just a few of the types of personal injuries that can occur in one form or another. Boating, defective products, motorcycle injuries, nursing home abuse, child abuse, and loss of life due to personal injury negligence, should also be included on this extensive list. And if you want to mention some legal jargon, serious personal injuries can occur in an assault and battery situation where civil or criminal litigation may be necessary. Actually most personal injury cases are adjudicated via the legal system using experienced personal injury attorneys.

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