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Causes Of Infidelity And Its Consequences in Massachusetts

Causes Of Infidelity And Its Consequences in MassachusettsIf infidelity was not part of the vocabulary of relationships, then definitely being in a relationship would be enticing. However, in the contemporary society that we live in; relationship experts rank infidelity as the top reason for ending relationships. This situation has made most adults refrain from indulging themselves in relationships, fearing the emotional setbacks that might come with being attached.

Well, individuals such as these really have nothing to worry about. How about people who are already in a relationship? The dreadful thoughts that your partner might be cheating on you can be depressing. This can also cause great drifts between you and your partner driving the relationship into a turmoil where LOVE exists no more.

If this is the case in your relationship, then you would want to read and inform yourself on some of the causes and consequences of infidelity.

Causes of Infidelity

According to relationship experts, in Massachusetts and across the United States, when a spouse accuses the other of infidelity out of sheer intuition, in most of the cases; they are always right. Intimacy of spouses confers on them the ability to feel and intuitively judge situations. In that light, when a spouse feels the other is going out of wedlock to fulfil pleasures he/she is most probably right. Below are some of the reasons your partner might be cheating on you.

Crave for Attention

This is common for both male and female spouses in Massachusetts (MA) . A female spouse who due to the enormous pressures and responsibilities of a Mass. marriage; feels more of a housekeeper or a nanny than a loved wife will tend to seek attention outside marriage. This is because she craves attention for the beautiful being she is rather than the specific duties she performs. On the other hand, a man in Massachusetts who is busy and overwhelmed by work might feel neglected. If a man feels this way he might need attention to validate his status from an outward relationship.

Crave for Intimacy/Sexual Satisfaction

Women’s sex drive is built up around intimacy. This is unlike men who crave sex for the sake of it rather than intimacy. In that case, women in relationships who feel intimately neglected by their spouses might look for the intimacy elsewhere in Massachusetts. On the other hand, your man might resolve to infidelity in case he does not get the sexual satisfaction he craves for. It is understandable when women in typical relationships suffer low libido due to multiple duties. When this is the case and the male spouse is not understanding, he might deem it the perfect time to look for some satisfaction.


This cause of cheating normally takes effect in relationships where one of the spouses spends long periods of time working. In most of the instances, it will affect women much more than it affects men. If you work takes the better part of your time and you have really little time to be home with a wife and family, then this might be the cause of infidelity in your relationship. Women in this type of relationships tend to look for some comfort from casual sex relationships or even intense romantic affairs.

Lack of Love

Most of the relationships  in MA normally start off on a high note of love. When the relationship is on and the daily realities of life chip in, the initial love tends to fade away. When you feel that your partner is no longer in love with you or vice versa, then this can be a cause of infidelity in your relationship. Partners who feel no longer loved or in love tend to break away from the codes of a relationship to seek love elsewhere.

Consequences of Infidelity in Massachusetts

Infidelity is an act of violating an implicit or explicit relationship agreement. It has grave consequences for the victim spouse. It does not necessarily constitute sexual intercourse or physical dishonesty, but can refer even to emotional acts that undermine the relationship. Partners who indulge in infidelity have the tendency of playing the blame game and blaming the victim partner for their acts. Among the totally negative consequences of infidelity include:-

  1. Sense of Instability on the victim partner.
  2. Lack of trust and inability to rebuild it.
  3. Severe damage to self esteem, which might cause you to look down on yourself.
  4. Rippled emotional disorders which lead to lack of self understanding. You might not know whether to cry or scream.

You might not be able to write down all the effects that an act of infidelity from your partner can have on you.

The fact that there is pervasive infidelity in today’s society does not rule out the fact that marriages and relationships can still exist to success. If you are in a relationship all you have to do is to enhance communication with your partner as this is the sole beginning of success in a relationship. If it doesn’t work out and you consider the divorce, consider first all pros and cons and move on.


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