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Landlord Tenant Residential Accident Attorneys in MA

Landlord Tenant Residential Accident Attorneys in MAThere are hundreds of different types of premises liability accidents that could occur on a multi-family apartment complex or a residential home in Massachusetts (MA) causing serious personal injury or even death. These MA accidents specifically include:

-Slip and fall as a result of defective or unsafe stairs.

-Fall down stairs resulting from there not being a proper handrail as required by MA building codes or a defective handrail.

-Gas explosion or a fire related hazard.

-Drowning in a pool, lake or pond.

– Electrocution.

-Violation of a health or safety code causing injury or death

-Trip and fall-deck collapse- balcony collapse

-Negligent security causing, rape, sexual assault, assault and battery or other criminal conduct.

-Slip and falls on ice, snow or rain

-Dog bite, dog attack or animal caused injuries

-Inadequate lighting causing fall or other injury

-Porch collapse

-fire or roof collapse by accumulated snow

-Construction related accidents

-General negligence

Nolo states:  “Accidents that are caused by defective or dangerous property, either inside or outside a building, are called “premises liability” accidents. These accidents can take place at commercial buildings (stores or offices), residences (private homes or rentals), or on public property (parks, streets, or public transportation). Premises can be dangerous for many reasons — faulty design, shoddy construction or building materials, poor maintenance, or dangerous clutter. Dangerous premises can lead to slipping, falling, tripping, or having something hit or fall on you.” 

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