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Immigration and Personal Injury in MA

Immigration and Personal Injury in MAIn many situations, individuals with immigration issues believe they have no legal rights to protect them when suffering injuries caused by the negligent or intentional action of others. However, this is a misconception that can cost the family financially. This is because any individual working or living within the boundaries of the United States has specific and certain rights protected by federal and state governments. However, the legal system often presents difficult and conflicting scenarios for immigrants who are undocumented, illegally in the country or have questionable residency status in the U.S.

Fortunately, in nearly every incident, American laws allow illegal immigrants and those with immigration issues to file personal injury claims and lawsuits including cases involving extreme pain and suffering. Many of these cases involve:

• Motor vehicle accidents including trucks, boats, automobiles, ATVs and motorcycles.
• Medical malpractice including surgical errors and mistakes.
• Childbirth injuries involving infants born to immigrants.
• Premises liability cases involving drowning, slip and fall accidents and dog bites.
• Product defect cases including harmful pharmaceutical medications.

Lawfully Admitted Citizens

The Supreme Court of the United States recognizes that lawfully admitted citizens of foreign lands have identical rights as any U.S. citizen, when seeking justice and/or filing a personal injury lawsuit in Massachusetts. This means that every green card holder, permanent resident and non-immigrant visa holder has the legal right to pursue any type of legal action to seek monetary compensation for any damages they suffer. Damages might include:

• The cost of hospitalization, medical attention, rehabilitation, physical therapy and surgeries.
• Recovery of any lost wage and/or the capacity to earn a living in the future.
• Non-economic injuries including emotional trauma, mental anxiety, pain and suffering.
• The cost to restore damaged property including automobiles with extensive damage caused by an accident.

Illegal Immigrants in Massachusetts

Illegal foreign citizens suffering injuries through negligence, carelessness, recklessness or the intentional actions of others can also seek recompense through a personal injury claim or lawsuit in Mass. However, these types of cases are incredibly complex to resolve. Successful resolution can be challenging because both state and federal laws remain unsettled on the actual rights and protections provided to illegal immigrants when filing a personal injury claim.

In many cases, any worker injured in a Massachusetts accident or incident who is undocumented and seeking recovery for past lost wages can be difficult. However, the loss of earning capacity in the future tends to be much easier to win. A skilled MA injury attorney can argue on behalf of their client that even though they are an undocumented worker, they will no longer be able to earn a living in the future in the United States or in their homeland because of the damages and injuries sustained through the negligence of another.

Typically, eligibility of an illegal immigrant pursuing damages usually relies on various factors including:

  • Did the sustained injuries occur on the job?
  • Was the illegal immigrant injured in an accident?
  • Were the injuries endured by the illegal immigrant caused by professional negligence?

Hiring a Massachusetts car accident Attorney

In many of these cases, the injured victim needs to have an aggressive legal advocate. A skilled Mass. Auto crash attorney can be a valuable resource to deal with a high complexity of Massachusetts personal injury tort law.

There are numerous immigration issues that can seriously influence the outcome of a personal injury case. However, a skilled Boston MA attorney can assist clients with personal injury and immigration-related issues to navigate an often challenging court system. The Boston lawyer can provide legal options to resolve each legal issue arising from that client’s specific circumstances. However, the MA truck accident attorney must have a comprehensive understanding of immigration laws, workers’ compensation benefits and personal injury claims.

A skilled Mass. motor vehicle accident attorney representing non-citizens injured by another’s negligence can build the case for recompense through a personal injury claim. Sometimes, it is necessary to file a lawsuit against every party at fault to obtain adequate financial compensation. Most file lawsuits are negotiated out of court by attorneys on both sides to provide recompense to the victim through a settlement.

Massachusetts has hundreds of good immigration lawyers. It is important that you Mass. immigration attorney has substantial experience representing clients in Massachusetts immigration matters.

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