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Massachusetts Environmental and Toxic Tort Injury Attorneys

Environmental Laws in MAMassachusetts toxic tort attorneys helping clients get compensated for birth defects caused by environmental or drug hazards.

At lawyersource360 we are sympathetic to families suffering through permanent and life changing birth injuries. We help families get the compensation that they deserve. A birth defect is a life changing experience that impacts the  family emotionally, financially and physically.

Families are going through a devastating experience and they need a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer or MA toxic tort attorney on their side. It is especially frustrating and difficult if the birth injury should have been prevented.

You will need a Boston MA attorney on your side. If Massachusetts individuals and  or corporations/ businesses wrongfully cause damage to an unborn child as a result of toxic exposure, they need to be held liable for their negligent, wrongful and perhaps deceptive actions or inactions.

According to Wikipedia: “A toxic tort is a particular type of personal injury lawsuit in which the plaintiff claims that exposure to a chemical caused the plaintiff’s injury or disease….People are typically exposed to toxic chemicals from pharmaceuticals, from consumer products, from the environment, in the home, and at work. Most toxic tort cases arise either from exposure to pharmaceutical drugs or occupational exposures. ..There have also been many occupational toxic tort cases, because industrial and other workers are often chronically exposed to toxic chemicals – more so than consumers and residents. Most of the law in this area arises from asbestos exposure. However, thousands of toxic chemicals are used in industry and workers in these areas can experience a variety of toxic injuries. Unlike the general population, which is exposed to trace amounts of thousands of different chemicals in the environment, industrial workers are regularly exposed to much higher levels of chemicals and therefore have a greater risk of developing disease from particular chemical exposures than the general population.”

According to Nolo: “A toxic tort is a legal claim for harm caused by exposure to a dangerous substance — such as a pharmaceutical drug, pesticide, or chemical. If an individual or a group of people has been exposed to and injured by a dangerous substance, either may be able to bring a toxic tort lawsuit.” 

You need a TOP MA Birth defect attorney with decades of experience handling unsafe and dangerous prescription medication. You also need a mass personal injury attorney with experience handling litigation related to exposure to toxic chemical at a place of employment,

A toxic tort causing a birth injury in Massachusetts could be caused by dangerous prescription medication or even over the counter drugs.

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