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Emotional Issues after a Car Crash in Massachusetts

Emotional problems related to car accidentCar crashes in Massachusetts do not just cause serious physical injuries. Many vehicle accident victims can develop emotional issues that are not always as apparent as a broken arm or head trauma. Many emotional, mental and psychological injuries can hide just under the surface for weeks, months or years until the victim receives treatment.

While there is an assumption that individuals suffering a severe injury in a MA car crash tend to be more likely to develop psychiatric complications, the facts show otherwise. Studies conducted by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford note that approximately 33 percent of car accident victims develop various non-apparent conditions including depression, persistent anxiety, stress disorders and accident-related phobias within the first year after the accident.

In some situations, the victim will feel a sense of anxiousness or nervousness when passing the accident site or when riding in a vehicle where the road or weather conditions mimic conditions at the time of the accident. However, these conditions often present themselves at times other than just when driving or riding as a passenger in a moving vehicle.

Pain and Suffering

In the legal world, emotional issues caused by a car crash are usually referred to as “pain and suffering.” Massachusetts Personal injury attorneys work with their clients in an effort to determine the full spectrum of their physical and emotional injuries. The MA car accident lawyer helps the client seek the best medical care to treat physical medical conditions caused by the accident and counseling to determine the level of emotional distress or mental anxiety the victim developed after the collision.

In many situations, emotional issues are brought on by physical impairments, disfigurement, amputation, scarring or other feature of their outward appearance. Common problems among accident victims include:

• A sense of emotional distress
• Embarrassment or humiliation
• Anxiety and a sense of worthlessness or helplessness
• A lack of interest in enjoyment, spending time with others or hobbies
• Fear
• Bouts of uncontrollable crying
• Weight loss produced by loss of appetite or difficulty eating
• Weight fluctuation where the victim gains, loses and regains unwanted pounds and inches
• Severe anger
• Fatigue or overall lack of energy
• Sleep disturbances
• Problems with concentration, focus and thinking or challenges with mental acuity
• Mood swings
• Sexual disinterest
• Sexual dysfunction
• Challenges in making decisions

In some cases, the victim of a Mass. car collision will suffer severe emotional injuries and be diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or acute stress disorder. Many of the problems listed above are the first indicators that the victim is suffering from depression and has reached the breaking point.

Post-Accident Depression (PAD)

In less than a second, a Boston car crash can produce physical, mental and emotional injuries that last a lifetime. When the victim suffers post-accident depression, recovery from their emotional trauma can take years because restoring control over their life becomes an uphill battle.

Post-accident depression and trauma are real condition suffered by victims in the aftermath of a crash. Many drivers and passengers involved in a MA auto or car collision develop new found fears when riding or driving anywhere.

In fact, automobile accidents are now the number one cause of PAD and PTSD. The severity of the accident and the seriousness of injuries are contributing factors to the likelihood the victim will develop depression. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that nearly one out of every 10 survivors of a car accident will develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Injuries that produce physical impairments or place financial strains on the victim are also contributing factors for developing depression.

Many personal injury attorneys in Massachusetts who specialize in MA vehicle accidents can file a claim or lawsuit on behalf of their client claiming post-accident depression. Successful outcomes can be obtained when the attorney can prove the negligence of other drivers caused the collision. These types of cases are typically handled on contingency, meaning that the victim does not need to pay upfront fees.

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