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Delivery Driver Accident Liability Issues in Massachusetts

MA Delivery Driver Accident LiabilityIf you have been in a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts or Rhode Island caused by a driver delivering pizzas, flowers or packages, understanding your legal rights can offer you both peace of mind and financial relief. However, what happens if the driver was behind the wheel of their own vehicle that was not owned by the company? Are your rights still protected and will your medical bills be paid by the driver at fault for your damages and injuries?

There are numerous liability issues when the Mass. accident involving a delivery van was not your fault. These types of Massachusetts crashes continue to be a problem in urban areas and residential communities. Ranking statistics maintained by the Bureau of Labor indicate that delivering pizzas, flowers and other goods is one of the top five most dangerous occupations in the U.S. In fact, three fourths of all delivery-related fatalities are the result of traffic accidents.

Drivers Posing Real Dangers in Massachusetts

Nearly every time a delivery driver suffers serious injuries in a vehicle accident, others are usually injured too. In many cases, negligence of the driver delivering goods to households is the direct cause of the injuries and damages. Some accidents involve employees racing to deliver goods to accept their tips, while others attempt to uphold the reputation of the company known for their service and on-time deliveries.

The Need for a MA Personal Injury Attorney

If the delivery individual was operating their own vehicle, they may be working as an independent contractor, which could quickly muddy the waters when seeking compensation. This is because the driver’s company could make a claim that they are not legally liable and are not responsible for paying any medical bills, ambulance expenses and the cost of follow-up care.

Additionally, if the driver did not maintain adequate insurance coverage on their vehicle, the victim could be left holding the bag on their damages and losses. Because of that, victims suffering serious injuries caused by a pizza or flower delivery driver will hire a Massachusetts personal injury attorney to settle liability claims. The Ma car accident attorney will seek recovery for a variety of damages and losses that include:

• Economic damages including the cost of medical care, hospitalization, rehabilitation and physical therapy required because of the accident-related injuries,
• Future medical expenses,
• Exemplary damages,
• Loss of benefits, consortium, companionship and quality of daily living,
• Past and future lost wages,
• The loss to earn a living in the future,
• Losses caused by physical impairments,
• Non-economic damages including pain, suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress and grief.

Building a Case in Massachusetts Courts

A skilled MA personal injury attorney who specializes in delivery driver accidents can provide legal assistance to build the case. The motor vehicle crash lawyer in MA will obtain medical documents, police records, case information and photographs associated with the accident. In addition, the law firm will track down eyewitnesses to be interviewed for future testimony in a claim for compensation or a lawsuit trial.

The Boston car wreck attorney walks the victim through each complicated step of the legal civil action process to minimize potential disruptions of the case so the injured party can focus on healing. Part of building the case involves providing expert witnesses who will testify which party is at fault and the extent of the victim’s injuries directly caused by the accident. Presenting a solid case in front of a claims adjuster while negotiating a settlement will ensure that the victim receives the financial compensation they deserve because of their injuries.

Successfully Resolving a Case

Hiring an aggressive Massachusetts personal injury attorney is essential to successfully resolving the case. Most reputable Boston and New Bedford personal injury law firms offer free initial consultations to evaluate the evidence and provide numerous legal options on moving a claim or lawsuit forward. Delivery driver accident cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that legal representation is immediately provided to the victim without the need of paying any upfront fees.

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