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Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense AttorneysWhen someone has been charged with a criminal offense, they are going to be required to stand in front of the judge concerning their behavior. The role of the criminal defense attorney is to stand up for the defendant in a court of law, defending their position. A criminal defense attorney must be strategic and aggressive with the facts so that they can prove their client’s case.

The role of the criminal defense attorney is to actively fight the defendant’s case so well that whether guilty or not, they do not go to prison or pay huge penalties. Defense attorneys have a gift for taking the facts of the guilty person and adjusting them to fit their defense. The various types of lawyers can be separated into two groups; trial and transactional lawyers. Criminal defense attorneys seem to handle the most interesting and serious cases.

Most of the criminal defense attorneys accept felonies, but they also take criminal misdemeanors. They stand on the belief that every person deserves representation and their day in court. The charges they typically defend are DUI’s, drug possession and other drug crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, theft, fraud, violent crimes, domestic violence, weapon crimes, murder, assault and federal crimes.

If you have been charged with any of these crimes, there is the possibility of imprisonment, monetary penalty or both. The individual must find a professional, experienced criminal trial lawyer after they are bonded out of jail. Criminal defense law firms offer free consultations so the defendant can tell their story and show any related information. At this time the attorney will decide if they can help the defendant.

Basically, the role of a criminal defense attorney is to keep their clients out of prison. A simple example that shows how important the criminal defense lawyer is as follows: when charged with a second DUI, they individual automatically receives the penalty of having their driving privileges revoked for six months. A skillful criminal defense lawyer often able to get their client temporary driving privileges between work and home, and this is extremely helpful.

The criminal defense lawyer has a significant role in the criminal justice system. They are familiar with the timing and which questions to ask and when. A felony is not a traffic ticket. Anyone charged with a felony should never attempt to try their own case thinking they know the details. Only an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer can present the law from the winning perspective from the defendant.

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