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Construction Accidents

Construction AccidentsThere are plenty of places where accidents can happen in Massachusetts. One of the more common areas is construction sites. Construction sites by their very nature are dangerous areas and the work done in construction zones can be very hazardous.

One of the more common areas of accidents is roadside construction. Roadside construction is a little different then most construction accidents in that workers and motorist can both be injured. That’s why there is usually police officers stationed at roadside construction zones and also they have flaggers in that zone. That is also why traffic fines are usually doubled in construction zones. Sometimes motorist can get hurt in the zones but usually it is more likely that the worker would be injured because drivers do not always pay attention and in some cases don’t listen to the flagger’s commands.

Now at construction sites of buildings there are different types of injuries and accidents that can occur. The most common accident at a building construction site would be falls. A construction worker could fall from a floor that they are working on or a girder that they are working on. Workers could also fall from a scaffold. Now a scaffold is a device workers use to go up and down on sides of buildings. Either fall could be dangerous depending on how high the worker is. Usually falls can cause head and back injuries and sometimes death.

Another accident that could happen at a construction zone is a machine operator type accident. For example a forklift can be very dangerous if not operated properly and if all parties do not pay attention to what is going on around them. A forklift can cause damage to the operator or another worker in the zone. Usually these types of accidents can cause damage to the brain, spine or neck.

No matter what type of accident a person is injured in, there is help out there. If you or some one you know has been injured in a construction accident you need to contact an attorney to help represent you. There may be money that you are entitled too, because most accidents are caused by some form of negligence. Accidents sometimes can be prevented but sometimes they happen too quickly to prevent. Make sure if it happens to you that you have some one looking out for you… Contact an experienced MA Accident Attorney for assistance.

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