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Boston Duck Boat Injury Lawyer

Duck boats on city streets  in Boston MA and across the United States pose unique dangers to pedestrians, cyclists, scooter operators and motorcyclists. Duck boats were not designed to carefully and effectively navigate city streets.

Duck boats were designed by the military to invade enemy territory from the ocean. Using these military style boats on city streets is  reckless, dangerous and could subject the duck boat operator and owner to civil liability for damages in Boston Massachusetts Courts. One of the main dangers of duck boats is that operators are often distracted and are asked to operate the bulky vehicle while entertaining passengers and tourists at the same time. If a pedestrian or motorist is killed in a fatal duck boat accident in Boston, it is important that they retain a top Boston duck boat accident wrongful death attorney. A MA wrongful death lawyer will have experience litigating complex deadly motor vehicle collisions.

Fatal Duck Boat accident in Boston

A top fatal crash attorney will help the victim’s family , spouse, children or loved ones get the compensation they deserve. For the family  of victims of fatal motor vehicle crashes it is never about the money. it is always about justice and trying to prevent future similar wrecks. A top MA wrongful death attorney  who is also a Mass. personal injury attorney will be keenly aware of this and will be sympathetic to the families desire to get answers, get justice and hold the negligent party accountable for their loss.

“When the Coast Guard, which is responsible for checking the safety of duck boats, investigated the 2010 crash in Philadelphia, they cleared the duck boat company there of any blame. The safety procedures Ride the Ducks had in place were sound, but the driver had been using a cell phone while driving, according to a report by the National Transportation Safety Board. ”  Christian Science Moniter Cite 

“This is a business model that requires the driver to be a driver, tour guide and entertainer at the same time,” Steve Bulzomi,  attorney for a motorcyclist who was run over in a duck boat accident in Seattle in 2011, told the AP.” Id.

“On July 7, a 250-foot sludge barge pushed by a tugboat overran a disabled 33-foot Ride the Ducks tour boat, plunging the amphibious vessel with its 35 passengers and two crew members under the surface of the Delaware River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Two student tourists from Hungary, Dora Schwendtner, 16, and Szabolcs Prem, 20, drowned. Ten other passengers suffered minor injuries, according to a National Transportation Safety Board initial report released September 10.” CNN

“Many people are concerned about the safety of these vehicles which are, so to speak, neither fish nor fowl: they weren’t designed as road vehicles, nor were they designed as boats.” Law Offices of Steeres and Associates 

“The death toll in the crash between an amphibious duck tour bus and a charter bus on Seattle’s Aurora bridge has risen to five, as a 20-year-old woman died Sunday from injuries.Fifteen crash victims remained hospitalized Sunday after Thursday’s crash, with four listed in serious conditions in the intensive care unit of Harborview Medical Center.” UPI 

The NTSB reported: “Following this sinking accident, the Safety Board investigated two other accidents involving amphibious passenger vehicles, which are the subjects of brief reports published in an appendix of the Miss Majestic report. The first brief discusses the September 18, 2000, sinking of the Minnow, a 21-foot-long Alvis Stalwart-type amphibious passenger vehicle in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, harbor. No deaths or injuries resulted from this accident, and the vehicle damage was estimated at $170,000.The second brief discusses the December 8, 2001, sinking of the DUKW No. 1, a 33-foot-long amphibious passenger vehicle, in Lake Union, in Seattle, Washington. No deaths or injuries resulted from this accident, and the vehicle damage was estimated at $100,000.”  National Transportation Safety Board Washington, D.C.  NTSB

“On May 1, 1999, the amphibious passenger vehicle Miss Majestic, with an operator and 20 passengers on board, entered Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs, Arkansas, on a regular excursion tour. About 7 minutes after entering the water, the vehicle listed to port and rapidly sank by the stern in 60 feet of water. One passenger escaped before the vehicle submerged but the remaining passengers and the operator were trapped by the vehicleís canopy roof and drawn under water. During the vehicleís descent to the bottom of the lake, 6 passengers and the operator were able to escape and, upon their reaching the waterís surface, were rescued by pleasure boaters in the area. The remaining 13 passengers, including 3 children, lost their lives. The vehicle damage was estimated at $100,000.” NTSB

Boston MA Duck Boat Accident

On april 3Oth, 2016 a woman operating a scooter on city streets was tragically killed in a fatal duck boat accident in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe, a Massachusetts Daily newspaper reported: “The duck boat just took off and actually went into the back of the people on the scooter,” said Graham Foster, recounting the scene that unfolded before him around 11:30 a.m.”

“The scooter operator tried to accelerate, Foster said, but could not get out of the duck boat’s way in time. He said witnesses yelled at the duck boat operator and tried to alert him. “The [scooter] flipped on the side and the next thing you know [the duck boat] ran right over [the scooter],” Foster said. “Critics say duck boats are too dangerous for city streets Before a duck boat crashed into a charter bus in Seattle, killing four international students, there were calls for greater oversight and even an outright ban.When the duck boat finally came to a stop, the 29-year-old woman operating the scooter and the man riding with her were on the ground behind the magenta amphibious vessel.”Id.

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