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Somerville Personal Injury Attorney

Sadly, in Massachusetts some normally healthy people find themselves unable to work or live their normal life because of an injury caused by an accident. Some disabilities are caused by the failure of an organization or negligent individual’s failure to follow specific regulations.  The most common types of accidents in Somerville include truck, motorcycle (bike), car and premises liability accidents.

When a Somerville MA resident is injured in a car crash, motorcycle wreck or other motor vehicle accident, they may find themselves struggling to survive without the ability to work because of the accident. When an accident occurs, an individual should contact an injury lawyer immediately to protect their rights. After a Pedestrian accident, Slip and Fall or Auto Accident it is important that the injured person seek medical treatment as soon as possible.  The role of The Somerville Mass. Personal Injury Attorney is to help the victim obtain damages for pain and suffering, lost wages as well as medical bills.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, motorcycle deaths more than doubled between 1999 and 2008; over 34,000 riders were killed during this time period.

An accident can take many forms, and can take place on the street, in a home or workplace. When an accident occurs, either an individual or organization may be negligent or to blame for the accident occurring. This is best explained by using a car accident as an example, because at the end of the day one of the drivers in the accident is usually to blame for the mishap.

In Boston Massachusetts, Social Host liability is a hot button issue that courts are attempting to resolve.

In some instances, the collision was caused by distracted driving such as texting and driving, cell phone use and driving or as a result of utilizing a GPS device while driving.  In other instances, the driver could be distracted by a conversation or a young child crying in the back seat. Distracted driving is usually associated with texting and driving and cell phones but there are hundreds of variation of distracted driving, including but not limited to eating and driving, applying makeup while driving and even sexual conduct while driving.  Some teenagers and other individuals are even known to web surf and drive! There are also rear end crashes as a result of someone updating their Facebook status.

However other readers will be shocked. More than 500 pedestrian accidents, serious enough to warrant hospital care each year in New York City were victims of bicycle accidents

Seeking fair compensation from a driver who is to blame for an accident involves your negligence lawyer fighting the insurance company to get the compensation that you deserve. In some cases your solicitor may need to file a lawsuit to extract the settlement funds from the Insurance Company!

Many insurance companies fail to offer fair compensation for an accident. They attempt to trick the victim into accepting a small payment in the period immediately after the accident takes place.  They do this to block the injured person from seeking justice using a Massachusetts accident attorney. When the insurance company makes contact with the injured party they often try to settle a claim quickly for far less than the injury and damage are worth in a court case.

Statutes allowing wrongful death lawsuits were once rare, but now all 50 states allow some form of wrongful death lawsuits. They generally cover any type of fatal mishap from car accidents to medical malpractice to product liability

In the Somerville area, relatively close to Boston, there are hundreds of automobile accidents every year. During an initial consultation, the lawyer will go over the details of the accident. The attorney will focus in on all medical attention you received as well as your pain and suffering, lost wages and periods of disability

An injury lawyer can use their years of experience representing clients with similar injuries to determine whether the settlement offered is fair. The final decision of whether to accept any settlement rests with the injured person who can accept or reject the advice of the lawyer. An experienced injury lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance company to find an agreement over compensation that is acceptable to their client.

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