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Brockton Massachusetts Lawyer

Brockton Massachusetts is a relatively busy city. It has a delightful mix of old and new. City Hall, for example, with its large clock tower has classic styling of old stone architecture. Downtown traffic can be MODERATE at times, and it crowds some streets and roads during peak hours. In heavy traffic, the routines of commuting to work and school cause hundreds of drivers to rush across the Brockton area to get things done. Especially in these busy periods, drivers can sometimes lose focus. Even a short period of inattention can cause a traffic, truck or car accident. In heavy traffic, driver inattention is a leading cause of car collisions with persons and other vehicles.

Brockton Injury Lawyer

We offer legal help in the following areas:

Driving in Brockton is an excellent way to enjoy and discover the city. One can find the most modern conveniences at Westgate Mall or celebrate remarkable classic and contemporary art at Fuller Craft Museum. One can clearly decide whether to drive or use rail to get to nearby Boston and Cambridge for work, school, sports events, dining, and theater. However, many people make the mistake of using cell phones while driving.  If someone is distracted by loud music, involved conversations, or roadside events while driving, they may fail to operate their motor vehicles in a safe manner. Traffic accidents can result in serious injury. Injuries sustained in vehicle impacts have dramatically changed many lives.

When traffic accidents happen, injured persons need help from the medical facilities in the area, such as Brockton Hospital. They will also need help from an experienced Brockton MA area personal injury attorney. Recovery from injuries is vital, just as recovering damages for lost wages and serious permanent injuries.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a no-fault automobile insurance law. This provides funds for medical expenses and wage losses for injured persons without a determination of fault or degrees of responsibility. However, the requirement to meet or exceed legal thresholds complicates the right to sue for auto accident injuries in the Commonwealth. The statutes limit the types and extent of injuries for which a one can bring a legal action to recover damages.

Injured persons can benefit from an attorney’s experience in handling Personal Injury Protection claims, assembling medical records, as well as accident investigation. One must take care to discover and preserve valuable evidence. An experienced Massachusetts attorney can make a substantial difference in the outcome of an injury case. Recovery from physical injuries is only part of the situation; one must also act to enforce legal rights and remedies. In the Brockton  Mass. area, one will need assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney.


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