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RI and MA truck accident lawyer | 18 Wheeler Big Rig Accidents

Big 18 wheeler accident law firmAs commercial trucking increases across the country and in Mass., in terms of sharing the road with large trucks and 18 wheelers, the news isn’t good when it comes to road accidents.

Large truck accident

Some of the worst in MA and in other states involve 18 wheelers and large trucks. And if you’re statistically minded, over a half million trucking accidents occur annually which results in more than 5,000 deaths as well as many horrific injuries. And if that statistic doesn’t hit home, perhaps knowing that one in every eight deaths in this country involves an 18 wheeler, tractor-trailer, semi-truck, or big rig.

Is it no wonder that personal injury attorneys are kept busy in assisting family members and litigating 18 wheeler companies?

There are several reasons for these 18 wheeler big rig accidents, the least of which is the heavy layer of federal safety regulations that are redolent of long-distance trucking rigs. Another reason is the carelessness of other smaller vehicle drivers who may be in a blind spot, and totally ignore the warning on the back of 18 wheeler trucks that plainly states: “if you can’t see my mirror, I can’t see you,” or words to that effect.

Then there is vehicle failure and driver fatigue; but more often, its fatigue as well as speed. On the other hand some 18 wheeler drivers have not been properly trained or licensed to handle such a large vehicle.

That said no person is immune to being a victim in an 18 wheeler accident. And if the accident involves death or injury, you should be in touch with a truck accident attorney who specializes in these types of personal injury claims. Usually a “big rig” accident involves greater damage to a smaller vehicle, and such a duel between an 18 wheeler and the smaller car is no contest, and can lead to monolithic injuries, and even death. Ergo, this is the time when an injured party seeks legal advice from a professional law firm who handles such accidents.

Big rig crash in Massachusettstru

A personal injury “big rig” accident attorney can be your “financial parachute” when it comes to handling reams of legal paperwork involved in proving negligence of the driver or trucking company in terms of ensuring by legal methods or court action, that all victims are compensated for their injuries. And since all 18 wheeler drivers and companies for the most part, are covered by liability and accident insurance, your legal team of specialists will attempt to make sure that your medical bills are paid promptly and in full. Ergo, it’s always best to let your attorney be your “quarterback” to evaluate, investigate, and negotiate with the insurance company to insure and verify that all compensation payments for injury and suffering are paid with alacrity before the insurance coverage expires.

Free legal consultations with Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer David Slepkow are always available in order to explore all legal options., contact David Slepkow at (617) 674-0835 or complete the contact form online.

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